Fon Krairiksh, Imran Shamsul & Susanna Ritala

As a multilingual and multiracial person without a clear home country, Fon Krairiksh is driven by questions of identity and belonging in both her work and PhD research. She moved to Finland in 2012 and has since worked in the field of migrant integration. In her research, she explores strategies for intercultural communication, multilingual communities, power asymmetry, and multimodal communication.

Bin Shamsul Amri Imran is a master’s graduate of Collaborative and Industrial Design from Aalto University, Finland. As an international student there, Imran has been an active student volunteer within his field of studies and student union. With his expertise in internationality, advocacy, and tutoring, Imran is excited to guide people through the international student experience in Finland.”

Susanna Ritala is a manager in the Aalto University Alumni Engagement and Career Services team (Career Design Lab) with responsibilities in alumni life-wide learning and community development including global alumni relations. She has seen alumni relations, events, mentoring, fundraising and career design from different viewpoints in various positions in Aalto and as an alumna from the Aalto University School of Business.

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