Topic outline

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    Photo: Petri Anttila / Aalto University. All rights reserved.

    Introduction to the course

    The purpose of the Finland Studies open online course is to offer a starting point for learning about studying at Finnish universities. The course has been designed especially for international students, and faculty coming to teach in Finland, and those who wish to know more about Finnish universities. The course content has been produced collectively by experts from Aalto University Student Services, students, teaching professionals and researchers. The course offers societal-, organisational-, and individual-level perspectives on Finnish student life as well as practical know-how for studying in Finland.

    The course consists of five main chapters, with each chapter comprising several sections that end either with an open-ended reflective question or a quiz. The assignments, alongside the course materials, are designed to help students navigate Finnish university life and reflect on their future studies in Finland.

    A key motivation for offering the Finland Studies course is international students’ need for resources to acquaint them with the Finnish university system and academic culture. Adapting to a new way of studying requires effort from both students and the university, and this course aims to ease the possible adjustment process and provide the participant with a concise information package and opportunity for reflection.

    The course is part of the national Talent Boost programme, coordinated by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment and the Ministry of Education and Culture, that aims to promote integration of international talents in Finland.

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