• Online courses/MOOC -courses, can be cited by
    -> providing the instructors,
    ->year of course creation,
    ->title of the course,
    -> site that hosts the course, and URL

For example:

Elg, A., Helkiö, N., & Rummukainen, M. (2023). Finland Studies [MOOC]. Aalto OpenLearning. 

  • Online Articles can be cited by (APA):
    ->Author's Last Name, First initial. (Year). Title of the Article.

For example:

Krairiksh, V. (2023). Practical Tips for Finding Your Own Place in the Academic Community. In A. Elg, N. Helkiö, and M. Rummukainen (Eds.), Finland Studies MOOCAalto University. https://openlearning.aalto.fi/mod/page/view.php?id=16053

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