Laura Miettinen, Ida Salin & Henna Niiva

Laura Miettinen is a specialist in student wellbeing at Aalto University. Laura has a PhD in music education and has previously worked as a researcher and mentor for master’s students. She is committed to promoting wellbeing and inclusion in academia through mindful interaction and data-based development. 


Ida Salin is Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Officer at Aalto. This means coordination of EDI activities, awareness building and continuous development across the Aalto. Thrives towards an inclusive community in which employees and students with diverse backgrounds feel a sense of belonging.

Henna Niiva is a study psychologist at Aalto University Learning services. She is specialized in study ability and study wellbeing. She supports students to regulate their motivation and improve their stress-management, self-leadership skills and study techniques. She is especially interested in the wellbeing of international students and finds self-compassion as one key element of sustainable study wellbeing.

Marja Lehto is a guidance counsellor at Aalto University Learning Services. In addition to meeting students with questions and thoughts about studies, study ability or career, she works for the Starting Point of Wellbeing -service (SPW). SPW is a drop-in service which also organises events, groups and workshops for students.

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