front left: Yonjoo Cho, Jaana Suviniitty, Inkeri Lehtimaja, back left: Laura Mendoza, Taija Votkin

Yonjoo Cho, Ph.D. is a university teacher of Intercultural Communication (ICC) at Aalto University Language Centre. She has extensive experience in teaching various ICC topics in the UK and Finland. She believes learning is collaboratively co-constructed through active discussions between the teacher and students. Therefore, she is keen to develop students’ agency in the construction of knowledge and perspectives through interactive classroom activities.

Jaana Suviniitty is a University Lecturer in English with a PhD in English philology and advanced studies in both Intercultural Communication and Drama Pedagogy as well as basic studies in Special Education and Karelian language and culture. Jaana has personal experience of intercultural communication locally in the Soviet Union (1985-1986) and in the United States (1979-1980 and 1987-1997).

Inkeri Lehtimaja (PhD, title of Docent) is a researcher at the university of Helsinki in the project Multilingual worklife and means of participation. Her research interests lie especially in the field of using and learning Finnish at the workplace. She also holds a position as a university lecturer of Finnish at the Language Centre of Aalto University.

Laura Mendoza is a lecturer of English at Aalto University Language Centre, where she teaches a variety of courses (spoken and written skills) for bachelor’s and master’s students. In general, she tries to accommodate to varying individual needs in her teaching, aiming to support student autonomy. Her special teaching and research interests tend to closely relate to academic writing.

Taija Votkin is a lecturer in Swedish at Aalto University. Her interests include intercultural communication, creating a good group dynamic, and implementing an innovative and communicative approach to language learning. She is a keen advocate for task-based learning. During the past few years she has participated in several projects on learning portals and learning in 360 environments.

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