Greeting informally

When acquitances meet, they often say:
Moi!, Terve! or Hei! Hi!

Greeting formally

More formal way to greet is to say:

Hyvää huomenta! Good morning!
Huomenta! Morning!

Hyvää päivää! Hello! Good day!
Päivää! Hello! Good day!

Hyvää iltaa! Good evening!
Iltaa! Evening!

Good morning!

Nice to meet you!

When you meet a new person you may say Hauska tutustua! or Hauska tavata! Nice to meet you!

Bye bye, see you

When acquitances depart, they often say:
Moi, moi! or Hei, hei! Bye, bye!
Nähdään maanantaina! See you on Monday!
Nähdään! See you!
Hyvää viikonloppua!
Have a nice weekend!

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