Introductory Finnish is a self-study online course that teaches Finnish from no prior background to a lower beginner level.
The course introduces everyday language and includes many activities to practice listening and reading comprehension, writing, and speaking.
With the course, it is possible to build a very useful vocabulary and a grammar knowledge of the Finnish language.

Instructors & Institution

Aija Elg & Sanna Rämö
Aalto University

Language Centre

Course Schedule

The course is always open.


You have an access to the teaching material even without signing in but if you want to do the quizzes, and get feedback, please enroll to the course.
See the instructions "How to enroll" on the main page.



Required Equipment

You need  Internet connetion to run the course material but you need not install any program on your computer.

Language of Instruction


Content & Learning Outcomes

You will cover topics such as greetings, numerals, time expressions, weather, food, shopping, and restaurant, work and university related vocabulary.
After taking the course, you will be able to: understand Finnish language structure, pronounce Finnish clearly, introduce yourself, respond in Finnish in everyday situations, speak about your work or studies and learn more Finnish on your own.
Note! No credits or certificate of participation are provided for the students.

Assessment Methods and Criteria

Self-assessment; students are able to monitor their progress by taking performance quizzes and final achievement tests.


Free of charge 


If you have comments or questions, please contact the course's Facebook group Introductory Finnish Fans.

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