Important Safety Instructions for using the 3D printers

Please, read carefully these instructions before using any of the machines:

  • Avoid eating or drinking inside the workshop

  • Use appropriate working gear: if necessary, use gloves, glasses and/or face mask.

  • Keep your working area tidy

  • Always ask the workshop master before printing

  • All tools should remain in the workshop space.

When you are operating a machine, please:

  • Confine long hair or loose clothing. They can get trapped in the machines

  • Do not introduce or place hands, or any other parts of the body near the moving parts of the machine.

  • Make sure that the extruder nozzle is clean, empty and without any obstructions.

  • Do not ingest any extruded material.

  • Do not perform modification or maintenance to the machines without previous approval.

  • Always ask when in doubt.

After finishing:
  • Remove your print, and clean the build plate with warm water and soap.
  • Throw any excess material to the trash.

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