Topic outline

  • Welcome to the introductory course for the 3D printing workshop at Väre. You will need to complete this course in order to access and work independently with some of the machines at the workshop. 

    After finishing this course, you will:

    ·        Familiarize yourself with the workshop space and equipment.

    ·        Learn the basic about additive manufacturing.

    ·        Learn how to 3D print – from preparing your files to post processing your printed models.

    ·        Get to know the basic rules on work safety at the workshop.

    ·        See some typical examples for 3D printing and trouble shooting.

    Please, note that this course expects you to have a basic knowledge in 3D modeling.

    Currently, this course is not optimized for mobile devices or supported in Google Chrome. We recommend you to use a desktop or laptop computer. In addition, we suggest you to use either Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser.

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    Please, note that the 3D printing workshop at Väre is dedicated exclusively to support study, research and artistic activities from the university.

    After finishing this course, please contact the Wokshop Master to set the final details to accomplish this course.

  • In this section, we will examine the basics of 3D printing: what is it, what can you do with 3D printing, and we will explain some of the terminology used in the field, as well as its benefits an limitations.

  • There are several ways you can create a 3d model suitable for 3D printing. On this section, we will go through various methods of creating a 3D model, as well as some guidelines on how to prepare your digital files.

     The main thing to remember is that 3D printing uses mesh data in order to create the code that will allow you to print your files.

  • In this section you will familiarize yourself with the machines and equipment you will find at the workshop, so that you can plan and execute your working tasks successfully.

    You will also learn the steps for printing with each machine, and where can you book a time to use them. Click on the page of each machine to find out more in-depth information about them.