How to live a good life? The aim of this course is to strengthen the participant’s understanding of the fundamental questions of good life and how to make reasoned life choices. The course gives tools to think about what to aim for in life, helps to identify barriers and challenges to good life, and explains what latest research tells about the choices in life that tend to lead to well-being, happiness, and meaningfulness. The purpose is to deepen the participant’s understanding of oneself, life, and what being a human entails, while strengthening the ability to live a life that is volitional, self-chosen and good according to one’s own standards. 

For whom:

To anyone interested in living a good life and dedicating some time to reflect upon their own life and their own life choices.


This course consists of video sessions of the content and three kinds of assignments: reflection tasks, activities and quizes. The content is divided into parts and every part has in addition to several videos one or more of the assigments within it.

Estimated workload:

Aalto University will not credit this course and the course is not part of Aalto's degree studies. This course has a calculated study time which will help you to plan the amount of time you will need.  This course is worth 54 hours which is 2 ects. Information about European Credit Transfer Systems ECTS. At the end of the course you can get a issued badge that you can then later on use to prove your learning.


To start the course first sign up for Aalto open learning platform:

1. Go to the Aalto OpenLearning info page:

2. If you have a user account provided by Aalto University or HAKA Federation or EduGain, click the reserved button. If you are a new user, create a user account by clicking “Create new account”. Use your whole name since this is the name that will appear on the badge at the end.

3.  Go to the email you used for login and click the confirmation link. Note that this may take several minutes.

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Second: Enrolling in the course

5. Go to the course overview page and press the “Enrolment options” button.

6. Press the "Enroll me" button. No enrollment key is needed.