Art of Living – Brief Online Course

Description of the course

How to live a good life? The aim of this course is to strengthen the participant’s understanding of the fundamental questions of good life and how to make reasoned life choices. The course gives tools to think about what to aim for in life, helps to identify barriers and challenges to good life, and explains what latest research tells about the choices in life that tend to lead to well-being, happiness, and meaningfulness. 

The purpose is to deepen the participant’s understanding of oneself, life, and what being a human entails, while strengthening the ability to live a life that is volitional, self-chosen and good according to one’s own standards. 

For whom:

To anyone interested in living a good life and dedicating some time to reflect upon their own life and their own life choices.


Launched around April 2023.

Note: This is separate, brief online version of the more extensive live course ‘Art of Living’ (TU-A1160). The courses touch upon the same themes but are two separate entities.