Invited tutorial given by associate professor Riikka Puurunen at the "ALD FOR INDUSTRY – 3RD WORKSHOP AND TUTORIAL" event, Berlin, 19.3.2019. (Sorry for suboptimal audio.) 

Title: ALD Technology – Introduction, History & Principles 

Abstract: This tutorial keynote will introduce atomic layer deposition (ALD) – a variant of chemical vapor deposition - and fundamental principles and concepts related it from a generic viewpoint applicable to any ALD process and reactor. The early history and current usage of ALD are briefly overviewed: who made the first experiments, when, and why? How has the view on the history of ALD evolved? Where is ALD now used, by whom, and why? ALD relies on repeated chemical adsorption steps from gas phase to surface. The status of understanding the adsorption steps of ALD films will be presented and discussed using mainly the archetype trimethylaluminium-water ALD process as example and 3D conformality modelling as additional vehicle. Plenty of links to further sources of information will be included in this keynote presentation.

Tutorial in Youtube, slides in SlideShare:  

The following review article, which was still in press when giving the presentation: Cremers, Puurunen, Dendooven, Appl. Phys. Rev. 6, 021302 (2019), Article published 4.4.2019.

Other links can be found e.g. through the blog post: 

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