Kirjoita essee. Esseen nimi on "Minun tavallinen päivä" (My ordinary day). Kirjoita noin 150 sanaa. Palauta essee MyCoursesiin viimeistään sunnuntaina 3.12.2017 kello 23:55.

  • In your essay, please decribe what your normal day is like - it can be a weekday or weekend, in Finland or in your home country. You don't have to tell the truth. ;)
  • Please try to use a broad vocabulary, use verbs, nouns, adjectives to describe your life. You can talk about your daily routines, your hobbies or freetime activities etc., but also about your family or friends, the weather, where you live, your home etc...
  • Please also use at least 5 of the following little words in your text: ensin, sitten, kun, yleensä, vain, heti, mutta, vielä.

This is a compulsory writing assignment. 

Please try to use such words and structures we have studied, do not try to say something "too difficult". Use a dictionary if you need -- but the best is to stick to the vocabulary we have learned with the book -- because you know how to use these words.

This assignment is due 3rd December, so you have a lot of time to work on this. Please return your essay here.