Topic outline

  • Tänään tunnilla

    Tänään puhuimme Suomen itsenäisyyspäivästä. Huomenna on Suomen 100. syntymäpäivä. You can find links to festivities program in the file Suomi 100 below.

    Tänään opiskelimme sanatyypit. The correct answers to the translation sentences which we checked in class are in the PPT slide set below.

    Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää! Suomi on 100 vuotta! Onnea!


    Harj. 12

    Opiskele sanat s. 139
    Harjoittele, miten voit kertoa sinun lomasta. Katso ppt. Practise how to tell about your next holiday. Use the ppt slide set posted below. This is a great practise about the word types and word types.

    Kpt review
    Opiskele kpt-vaihtelu, s. 146. This is a review of the kpt changes with nouns and adjectives. This is nothing new, you know all this already, this is just to give you a complete picture of the kpt change structure with nouns and adjectives.
    Harj. 15

    Tärkeä harjoitus
    Harj. 17 In this exercise everything is combined: word types, local cases and kpt changes. A great exercise and therefore compulsory! :)

    Kurssi on myös torstaina

    Meillä on kurssi myös torstaina 7.12.2017 klo 10.00-11.45.

    Tentti (exam)

    Please find enclosed some exercise sheets and their correct solutions. There is also the PPT slide set. You can use both of these files to study for the exam.

    You can also use the extra exercises section of the book "Lisäharjoitukset" in the back of the book. There are correct answers to the exercises in the back of the book. You can do exercises nr. 5-12 (pages 234-240).

    Our exam is on Tuesday 12th Dec 2016 at 10.15-11.45 in the regular classroom. Please see studying instructions for the exam online (see extra section on the left).

    I will correct your essays by Thursday so that you can have feedback on them before taking the exam.
    Should you not havereturned the essay yet, you can do so until 6th Dec 10 o'clock.

    Suomalainen tango

    If you are interested, you can read about Finnish tango, listen to some songs and visit some web pages. I have collected some links in a separate section. See left hand side column.
    • Two excercises about word types and local cases + their correct solutions.
      • Translation sentences + correct answers (homework from last lesson)
      • Millä matkustat? --> bussilla / autolla / pyörällä...
      • Sinun loma --> Practise telling about holiday plans! Good exercise to practise word types and local cases!
    • Information about Finland's 100th birthday celebrations on 6th Dec 2017.