Topic outline

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    Tänään me opitaan:

    Today we will learn: 

    - Mitä kello on? What is the time?

    - Mikä päivä tänään on? What day is it today?

    - Sovitaan tapaaminen! Let's set up a meeting!

    • What day is it? Write!

    • What time does the meeting begin?

    • Yhdistä verbifraasi ja kuva
      Match verb phrase and picture

    • Lue dialogi

      Read the dialogue

    • Here are instructions for the group tasks before November 3. 

      1. VIDEO: Shoot a video of your group in which you get to know each other. 
      Start the video by greeting each other and shortly introducing yourselves. Plan the video first and practise also! Try not to read from paper when you shoot the video :) Have a discussion by asking some questions we have been learning so far, e.g.

      • Missä sä asut?
      • Mitä kieltä sä puhut?
      • Missä sä oot töissä?
      • Mikä on sun lempi...? 
      • Tell also about your work and if you wish, tell what you do during the weekend (see homework). 

      When discussing, remember to comment:

      • Okei!
      • Kiva!
      • Samoin! Me too.
      • Samaa mieltä. I agree.

      2. DIALOGI: Write a Whatsapp dialogue in which you are suggesting a meeting to your group. Suggest what you do, when and at what time. Use the phrases from this week's class. Create the dialogue as if you were writing it on Whatsapp! :)

    • Group’s report should include

      • Time of the meeting (write the day in Finnish, see e.g. here)
      • Form: lähinä = face-to-face, etänä = remotely (use the Finnish words in your report) 
      • Participants (osallistujat in Finnish) 
      • What was done: what did you cover?
      • Questions, comments for the teacher
      • Feedback about the tasks