Guest access
  • Description of Service

    Aalto OpenLearning is an online learning platform for open online courses and educational materials created by Aalto University teachers. For participants, Aalto OpenLearning offers a variety of courses covering topics such as languages, mathematics and art.

    To view the list of courses, click the "Courses > List Courses" link from the main menu or use the search function to find appropriate courses. In the course listing view, click the "Course Overview" icon to view details about the course.

    The orange icons to the right of the title indicate the access permissions of the course. All courses viewable by guests display the "Open Access" icon. Guests can view resources such as files and pages, but cannot access activities such as quizzes and discussion forums. The "Enroll" icon is shown beside courses that users can choose to enroll themselves into. Enrolled users can access all the course activities and resources. A user account is required to enroll. Note that some of the courses may require an enrolment key (password). See the course overview for details about the registration method.

    For additional information about the service and tutorials, visit Aalto OpenLearning Support page.