This is an online platform for ARTS-A0608, Art, Life and Entrepreneurship: A User's Guide.

Teachers: Johannes Kaira,Håkan Mitts, Christopher Bratton

Transdisciplinarity Art Studies/Christopher Bratton.


 This course explores new entrepreneurial approaches in the creative fields as an important aspect of the changing nature of work in general and the world itself. At the core of the course is an ethical commitment to creative work that promotes responsible approaches to critical social issues, positive community development and sustainable practices.

 The course includes a combination of online learning and contact teaching. Online teaching may include presentations by key experts, discussions and study groups or independent study assignments. The content includes one or more of the following: a series of case studies of innovative arts and design projects and businesses, individual and group work. Contact teaching may include a number of public events, such as festivals and symposia, as well as meetings with mentors.